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Lisa C.
Verified Purchase

I tried every routine, kit, formula, process etc. on the market and have spent literally THOUSANDS trying to cure my acne…then I found Keeva’s 3 in 1 kit and my skin is getting better every day. Thank you Keeva

Nicote T.
Verified Purchase

Keeva’s acne cream and face wash are incredible. They not only kill my acne, but they make my skin feel soft, moisturized, and have a healthy, beautiful glow!

Reinie D.
Verified Purchase

Keeva’s 3 in 1 kit has my skin looking better than it has in probably 5 years. I couldn’t be more grateful for Keeva. Having beautiful skin and being confident in yourself is truly priceless.

Do You Know What's In Your Acne Treatment?

Posted by Keeva Organics on January 12,

When a person is struggling to find a cure for their acne it’s probably because they haven’t tried organic products. Many cosmetology brands use social media and influencer marketing as a way to sell products.

Having a brand associated with a person has become more powerful than actually checking ingredients in the product.

In most cases, highly popular acne treatments have sodium lauryl sulfate and chemical fragrances. These have been known to cause allergic reactions and clog pores over time.

Now, why care about what’s in your acne treatment?

It’s very simple. The product you use as an acne treatment can be damaging if it doesn’t have one key ingredient; Tea Tree Oil. Whenever you are trying out new products, make sure the first ingredient is tea tree oil.

This powerful, natural substance is a revolutionary way to create even-toned skin with vegan properties. Tea Tree Oil moisturizes that face without disrupting pores and kills acne bacteria in seconds. Best of all, it’s all-natural and properly soothes the skin with a refreshing minty feeling.

Why do the benefits of Tea Tree Oil outweigh the competitors?

Tea Tree Oil has natural healing properties that most common acne solutions do not. Unlike other brands, Keeva Organics Tea Tree Oil Acne Cream starts showing results in 48 hours.

No matter the type of skin you have; whether it’s so oily, dry, or combination, tea tree oil will start fighting accent. In addition, this product is wonderful for those who have dark spots of scars. It is infused with rosehip seed oil, milk thistle. And Vitamin E to enhance the radiance of the skin. Competitors also test chemicals on animals, which is something Keeva Organics has never done.

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