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Reinie D.
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Keeva’s 3 in 1 kit has my skin looking better than it has in probably 5 years. I couldn’t be more grateful for Keeva. Having beautiful skin and being confident in yourself is truly priceless.

Can Time in the Sauna Make Acne Disappear?

Can Time in the Sauna Make Acne Disappear?

There are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of acne remedies and treatments out there. Would you believe that going for steam is among those effective remedies and treatments?

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Sweating It Out for Centuries

“Sauna” is actually a Finnish word, the only Finnish word used in the English language. Saunas were invented in Finland over 2,000 years ago. Even today saunas are incredibly common in Finland, even located in many Finnish homes.

Saunas are rooms or small buildings that are heated with the goal of causing the inhabitants to sweat. Of course, it’s not just the Finnish people who enjoy sweating it out. Countries and cultures around the world have adopted the sauna and enjoyed its many benefits.

Perks of Perspiring

Sitting in a room with the sole purpose of sweating can be very relaxing. A sauna’s heat causes your muscles and your mind to loosen up and relax. At the same time, you are getting a mini work out. While you sweat, your heart rate increases and you actually burn calories. Steam in the sauna can also improve your circulation and increase your metabolic rate, just like exercise.

But we’re here to look into the sauna’s ability to clear up skin and keep it clear. Increased blood flow caused by extreme heat promotes cellular growth and development, which is good news for your skin. High temperatures relax any tension in your facial muscles and open up your pores to allow impurities and toxins to leave your body. Bye bye, acne-creating toxins!

As your blood vessels expand in the heat, essential fluids flood to the surface of your skin, causing your body’s natural collagen production to skyrocket and your skin to maintain an elastic and wrinkle-free appearance. Hello, baby smooth skin!

Proceed with Caution

Hanging out in the sauna can be a great habit to adopt, but as is true for all good things (we’re looking at you, chocolate), moderation is key. Sweating in a sauna for 15 minutes or more can cause your skin to dry out, which is no good. So keep your sweat sesh short, even 5 minutes is long enough to reap the rewards of the sauna.

While we always applaud wanting to look your best, wearing makeup into the sauna can be counterproductive. Makeup clogs the pores that the sauna is trying to open and can trap toxins, that later could turn into acne, inside your skin.

Make sure to shower right after a good sweat session. Your sweat and the recently expelled toxins can cause future breakouts if they aren’t washed away promptly.

To the Sauna!

Most gyms, sports centres, pools, and spas have saunas. Find one close to you and join with the millions who have been sweating it out for centuries. Enjoy the perks of perspiring, but always proceed with caution!