Keeva Tea Tree Oil Acne Treatment Cream, 30g

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I’ve never had results like this before

This cream works for me! I have been using this morning and night for the past two months. In the first week, my acne cleared. And now I do not have any acne whatsoever! Before I started using this, I had acne constantly and this is the first time in my life (I’m 40 something) that I’ve been free from acne! This cream is seriously a miracle cream. It’s very gentle, I have sensitive skin. I’ve never had results like this before. Worth every penny!

Great Product!!

Really great, good for applying without feeling greasy or sticky!! Really helped not let me break out and smelled really good! It has a cool sensation that feels really good when it is on your skin, almost like a relaxing facial! Highly recommend!

Better Than Prescription Creams

I have had terrible acne since I was in Middle School. This cream works better than some of the prescription creams and gels that I have used over the years. When you combine it with a daily facial cleansing routine, then apply this after patting your face dry, you can feel an invigorating and sensational tingling on your face, which is how you know the tea tree oil is top-quality. I wish I would have purchased their special offer bundle after using this item. I will definitely be purchasing more!!

The best facial cream I've ever used

I live at high altitude and in a dry climate, and have adult (30 yrs) skin, so balancing moisture with oiliness has always been a challenge. My skin tends to be very dry, but riddled with stress and hormone induced acne. I have NEVER found a product for my skin that I was as pleased with as Keeva, and I have spent upwards of $70 on a facial cream before. I am amazed by the results I've gotten from using this cream. In just over a week, the skin on my face has become softer than it's been since I was 16, I've had no acne in that week despite the hormone-related acne I normally get around this time. It has not been a miracle scar treatment, yet anyway, but it absolutely has evened out my complexion. I apply it immediately after cleansing my face morning and night, and have been able to completely ditch my salicylic acid serum and spot treatments. If I had one complaint, it would be that the cream seems to contain a lot of air. I use trace amounts because only a thin layer is necessary, yet every time I open the jar I am shocked by how low it looks already. Normally, that would stop me from buying a product again, but unless the results start to change, I will absolutely continue to use it.


I break out here n there, plus I have a very bad habit is I loving picking my skin which I know it's very bad. Recently I picked my skin almost every other day so my skin is super ugly, my pores are big, a lot of redness and scars...more pimples after another. I think it would take at least a few months to clear up or longer for the scar to faded. I’m so glad I found Keeva!! Been using it for a month or so and the result is AMAZING. My skin tone is improved a lot, it's brighter n more even tone just after 4 weeks. My pores are a lot smaller, my skin is a lot smoother n never feel dry like other acne treatment I have used that need a moisturizer on top. It actually helped clearing up n healing faster than I expected. The Before picture is right after i picked my skin. The After picture below i do not wear any powder. Only sunblock. Thanks Keeva you saved my life!

Really happy with this

It seems I received the original formula. It's tingly with strong menthol scent on application but it quickly dissipates. I have dermatologist diagnosed rosacea + acne that is mainly on my cheeks and nose and have been prescribed metrogel, retin-a, and sulfur wash in the past. They are expensive and I ran out awhile ago. For awhile I used moringa and sea buckthorn oils, which seemed to do well on my skin and keep it clear for about a year but then, things just got worse. So, I read about a witch hazel + tea tree oil solution which I would make each night and began to see the reddening and pimples reducing which was promising. But, the process was laborious so in searching for an already made tea tree oil product found this. I've been using it about 3 weeks and the difference is amazing. I still have red spots from where my skin was so inflamed but they seem to be fading, my skin is mostly smooth now, and the acne has completely subsided so I am giving this product 5 stars.

Soldier Approved

Skin profile: teenage acne, turned adult-cystic acne while on deployment.

The combination of sweat, dust and stress lead me to a massive breakout along my jawline, chin and cheek bones. It was embarrassing and I felt like a teenager again. In desperation I sought out the Internet and came across many review for this product. Long story short, I am so thankful I did! This product has helped calm my face, make acne heal quickly and fade pre-existing acne marks on my face. I love the earthy tea tree smell and the creamy texture. This allows me to treat my acne while not drying out my skin in the harsh desert environment. I am a few months from coming home and so thankful I was able to get my face "back to normal" with this product before seeing my loved ones. Thank you!

I've done it all and I've suffered severe breakouts to the point that they were actually painful.

I would give this 10 stars if I could. I have suffered with acne my whole life Nothing worked, and I've tried it all, NOTHING. I've done it all and I've suffered severe breakouts to the point that they were actually painful. I gave this a try after seeing an ad on facebook, thinking what the heck, if it doesn't work there is a money back guarantee. I saw results in less than two days. It thought maybe it was a fluke and I was about to have a huge breakout. But I'm almost two months in now and I've seen two pimples in two months. Which is about a 99% improvement from my usual. I finally can go without makeup. I'm not in pain from breakouts anymore. I don't have to keep piling on cover up every morning to cover the breakouts from the night. I feel amazing to finally have clear skin after battling it for over 30 years. For anyone who has suffered with acne at any age, I urge you to give it a try. I feel like I found this secret miracle. I'm so thankful I gave it a try. Update it's been over 4 months since I found this amazing product and it's still working perfectly - I can't say enough great things about this cream it has changed my life - I no longer have to wear makeup to cover my acne and slowly my old acne scars are disappearing- I'm in love !!! It is now on my Subscribe & Save list.


I am 41 years old and have suffered with oily skin and acne most of my life. I have tried countless products from high end names and prices to home remedies. Nothing has ever been able to tame my skin and breakouts. I started to have a horrible build up of scars, cystic acne, white heads and black heads on my chin and nose. I was just about the buy a package deal for facial extraction when my friend messaged me your website. I thought, why not? I've tried everything else.
The very next day after using it for the first time, I noticed my skin had calmed down. By day four I could see my white heads working their way out of my skin.
By the second week, my chin and nose acne was almost gone. My scarring even seems to be going away.
I haven't had one breakout since using this product! Not one!! I'm so happy my friend came across your website.
I will never go anywhere else. This is one completely satisfied customer, for life!

Miracle worker!

I've been using Keeva for about a month now and WOW! I am so so in love with this product! I have ultra sensitive skin and horrible hormonal acne; I was getting about 3-4 cysts a month and then scars that would last for weeks or months at a time (some scars I've had for almost a year)...I work 12 hour days and rely on coffee way more than I should to get me through the day. I also have issues keeping my face moisturized especially during the winter and windy seasons. Since using Keeva, I have noticed a huge difference in my acne and my skin texture in general; I do still get a couple of blemishes here and there, but they are super, super tiny (not even noticeable to anyone but me) and they usually go away within a day or two. My skin is never dry now, and for the last month, I have not gotten one single cyst! I've also seen a noticeable difference in my scars/dark marks. For the first time in years, I actually feel really comfortable going places without makeup on and that alone makes the product worth it to me. I have read on here that a lot of people had great experiences with the first jar and horrible experiences with the second. I guess I'll have to wait and see once this jar has emptied, but hoping that's not true because I adore this product!


Anti-Aging Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream Moisturizer, 30g

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Great moisture!

I'm in my early 30s and have acne-prone combo skin. I've been using an expensive major subscription skin care system for the last few years but my skin still felt dry and not as good as it could be. I saw great reviews online so I gave the acne cream and night cream a try. The results have been great! No bad reaction, no breakouts like I usually have when switching to a new product. I was surprised at how thin the night cream was, considering it was in a jar like the acne cream I expected the same texture, and I ended up spilling about half the product out the first time I unscrewed the lid. Regardless, I can't remember my skin ever feeling so smooth and moisturized and not at all greasy! Very excited to keep trying products from this company!

Best anti aging cream we've tried

My wife swears by this anti aging cream. Her skin looks amazing and we're starting to get a little bit older. The bigger lines may have diminished a little, but I think it's the small fine lines that this really does the most good for. As you get older, those lines appear, and really aren't going away without something like botox, but this cream helps slow that process and keeps the skin looking healthy and fights off new wrinkles. I love the smell of this product and the wife and I are happy to recommend it.

Fantastic In Every Respect

It does what it claims! I have used this product for a few weeks and when my sister saw a photo of me, she asked if I had gotten fillers. It's that good. :)

Great results!

This cream has reduced the wrinkles around my lower face to the point where I feel ten years younger! I was looking for a wrinkle cream and tried several others and saw no results but Keeva really works. You only need a little bit of this cream so it lasts a long time and I would not start my day or end the evening without using it.

It's a lovely cream and goes on smoothly.

It's a lovely cream and goes on smoothly. I've used it for a few weeks and the texture of my skin is less dry. I'm 60 but now look 50.

Great Buy!!!

Not only does this cream work wonders but it smells divine. I was amazed at how fast it was delivered. thank you for this great product.

Wonderful anti - aging cream

I use a vitamin C serum (20%) first then this over it and I noticed my skin felt smoother, softer and better hydrated right away. I really like the light scent also.

Great Results, Great Price - Five Stars!

So far I've found this product to be one of the best anti-aging creams that I've tried. It's also a great moisturizer cream! It's absorbed quickly into the skin and I can apply make-up afterwards. My facial skin feels smoother to the touch and fine wrinkles have gradually been going away or getting smaller. I love this product and will be ordering again

Better products really can produce better skin!

I was really pleased with the softness of my skin after using this highly advertised product and will order it again.

Would definitely purchase again and highly recommend.

I was very impressed by this product. I have only used this product for a week and I can already my skin tone start to even out and it feels so soft and smooth. My wrinkles are still there, but with my tones becoming more even they are less noticeable. I can't wait to keep using and see even more results. Also, my skin is very sensitive. I usually break out with every new product, but not this one. Would definitely purchase again and highly recommend.


Tea Tree Oil Serum for Acne, 30ml

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Loved it!!

I always loved an organic product. One of my cousins told my sister to use this product. She got an incredible result. Her face is now full clean. It is an amazing product and would recommend this to anyone.

Love this serum

Love this stuff! It has a pleasant smell and I like the consistency and how it goes on. Shortly after I started using it I noticed how even and radiant my skin looked and realized that this serum is the only thing that I had changed in my routine. My daughter tried it and liked it as well. Will continue using it.

Good Product.

Bought the product for my son show has acme scaring. He has been using it for about 3 weeks now and it controls his acme and seems to be lightening the scaring too!


This product is amazing and worked wonders for my acne prone skin and even helped with my fine lines... It absorbs quickly and goes well under makeup. One of my favorite skincare products I've ever tried and I've tried a lot!

Love it!

Love it! I've been using it only for a few days but can already feel the difference!

Ditch your expensive serum, this is the only one you'll need!

I've used the serum for about 10 days and can already see the difference. My skin looks dewy and healthy, and impurities have cleared up. Ordering now as gifts!

I really love this!

I really love this! My sensitive skin doesn't do well with heavy creams and this even helps the random pimples that pop up. Wonderful customer service as well.

Surprising Success

Surprised me, very good product. After one 7 days use I notices it was exfoliating my skin, and my skin felt smoother. And I have chronic migraine and the odor doesn't bother me. I am very pleased with the product.

Amazed At the Results

Miracle in a bottle! I have been using for 6 weeks and my skin is finally even-toned, smooth and luminous!!! Get this!!!

I'd highly recommend!

This helped my break outs big time! I'd highly recommend!

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