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How to Get Rid of Bacne (Back Acne) with Tea Tree Oil Serum

Back Acne, also known as Acne Vulgaris, is a serious disease of the skin. It is often characterized by scarring, lesions, whiteheads, and blackheads. It has been estimated that about 60% of cases of acne occurs on the back and chest areas.

There are many types of acne. If you are suffering from this disease, you need to identify and understand the type that you are suffering from before you can properly diagnose it. Below are some of the popular varieties of acne that people suffer from:

  • Nodules – this type of acne forms under the skin. It is characterized by several painful and hard areas on the skin surface. It also looks like a nodule, which is where the name is derived from.
  • Cysts – this often forms as acne lesions on the skin and would lead to scarring if not properly treated.
  • Whiteheads – when hair follicles are plugged from the skin, the pores are closed leading to white bumps that surround the skin surface. They are also referred to as closed comedones because of the closed pores.
  • Blackheads – this is the antithesis of white heads. It is characterized by open hair follicles that are formed around the skin with a black tip that is caused by sebum or free air.

Most people who suffer from bacne often experience mild, medium, or severe breakouts that are either very painful or painless. It all depends on the kind of condition or type of bacne they are suffering from.

Knowing the type of back acne you are suffering from will enable you to apply the appropriate remedy or medication. Moreover, it will make all the treatments you will be applying more potent and effective. This is why I strongly recommend you understand your condition perfectly before applying any of the treatments in this article.


How to Treat Bacne with Tea Tree Oil:

Tea tree oil is extracted from a native tree in Australia, Melaleuca alternifolia, and most experts recommend it as an effective alternative treatment for acne. This is because it contains cosmetic and antibacterial properties that help fight against the acne cause bacteria. Many studies have depicted the benefits of using tea tree oil in the treatment of acne.

Steps on How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Bacne

  1. Applying it directly to the affected area. Tea tree oil can be applied directly to your bacne as a natural acne treatment.
  • You need to dilute it with water or Aloe Vera gel or organic honey if you are using more than 15%.
  • Because of the low concentration of chemical substances in the oil, it can help you dry out the acne on your back, whether it is cysts, black head, white head or other blemishes.
  • For this to be effective, you need to secure 100% tea tree oil. Add some drops of oil to a small painting brush or foam.
  • Clean your back (you can ask someone to do this for you) and apply the oil on your back. Leave for a few hours or sleep on it.
  1. Another way to use this is to get clay powder or jojoba oil (which should be available in health stores near you) and mix one of them with a few drops of tea tree oil. If you are using clay powder, following these steps:
  • Add some tea tree oil to the powder and add some water to it.
  • Apply it all over your back and leave it until it gets dry.
  • Once it dries out, don’t clean it immediately, allow the tea tree oil to do it work.
  • Leave it for a while and thereafter wash it off with warm water and pat your back dry.

However, if you are using with jojoba oil, follow these steps:

  • Add a few drops of tea tree oil to the jojoba oil.
  • Add some tomato sauce and swirl everything to make a puree.
  • Apply it to your face the same way you did with the clay powder.
  • Wash it off after a while with warm water.
  1. You can also use this oil as a bath treatment. You simply add some drops to your bath and it will work not only on your back but also in other places like the chest and face. It will also add some nice scent to your bath. In addition, you can use tea tree as a scrub for treating your acne. For this, you will need one of those back scrubber brushes. Make sure it has a long handle and follow these steps:
  • Wet and soap your body while in the bathroom.
  • Add some water to the brush before dipping it in tea tree oil.
  • Brush your entire back with the scrubber brush. Don’t be afraid that this will cause harm to your back. This will cover your back with the essential oil that will help to exfoliate dead skin cells that plug the pores. When done properly, the tea tree oil will kill off all the bacteria-causing acne.
  • Wait for some minutes before washing it off your back. Note that you may experience stinging, cool sensation. This is normal.
  • While waiting for the oil to work its wonders on your skin, finish your bath on other areas that are not affected.
  • Wait for like 8-10 minutes before washing it off.

Are there Risks Involved?

Yes. As with any treatment, the tea tree oil should be applied in moderate amounts. Do not swallow it as it can have severe effects. If you have a sensitive skin, you should be very cautious when applying it because it can cause itching or rash, according to Mayo Clinic ( The best way of using it, if you have a sensitive skin, is to dilute it with a regular carrier oil such as coconut oil.

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