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Lisa C.
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I tried every routine, kit, formula, process etc. on the market and have spent literally THOUSANDS trying to cure my acne…then I found Keeva’s 3 in 1 kit and my skin is getting better every day. Thank you Keeva

Nicote T.
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Keeva’s acne cream and face wash are incredible. They not only kill my acne, but they make my skin feel soft, moisturized, and have a healthy, beautiful glow!

Reinie D.
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Keeva’s 3 in 1 kit has my skin looking better than it has in probably 5 years. I couldn’t be more grateful for Keeva. Having beautiful skin and being confident in yourself is truly priceless.

How To Stop Acne?

How To Stop Acne?

People having acne problem constantly searching for ways and ideas how to stop acne Below are some of best ways to stop acne:

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Wash your face frequently

The most important thing which must be kept in mind in order to avoid acne problems is to wash your face on regular basis. Keeping your skin clean and taking care of it is vital in order to keep it fresh and healthy. Washing your face with lukewarm water twice daily is the best possible way to keep off the dust and other unhealthy substances. If you feel too exhausted to get up and wash your face then you can keep face wipes in your drawer so that you can clean up your face with them. Using this alternative method you can keep your skin clean without needing to get up and go to the sink.

Using a good cleanser

In order to ensure that your skin remains clear and free of acne u must choose you cleanser according to your skin type. You must be aware that whether your skin is normal, dry, oily or sensitive in order to find the suitable acne wash for your face. For oily skin type you must chose face products which contains components such as salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide or glycolic acid. In case your skin is quite sensitive then you must go for products which are rich in lactic acid or other hydrating components including glycerin. This is because sensitive skin needs to be moisturized frequently in order to stay acne free as compared to oily skin types.

Avoid over-exfoliating your skin

When you scrub your face on daily basis with face cleansers having a grainy texture then it can cause more harm than good to your skin. It can cause your skin to suffer from irritation, redness or inflammation in addition to other severe skin problems. Even when you exfoliate a pimple it can result in pulling away the healthy skin cells and become a reason of creation of an open wound which is prone to infection or harmful bacteria. According to studies conducted by Jessica Weiser who is working as an MD at New York Dermatology group it has been stated that you must exfoliate your skin with great care and you must not repeat this activity for more than two or three times per week.

Change your face towel on regular basis

This is a normally ignored fact but according to studies it has been noticed that using the same face towel every day is similar to using you dinner napkin again and again. Reusing your face towel can be responsible for harboring of harmful bacteria and it can also result in introduction of new harmful bacteria due to which pimples can appear on your face. According to research conducted by Karen Hammerman who is currently working as an MD at Schwinger Dermatology you must try your best to use a new or freshly washed face towel each time you wash your face in order to avoid acne.

Keep your skin moisturized

The dry skin surface can dehydrate your skin due to which the oil glands of your skin can result in overproducing oil and worsen your acne problems. According to research conducted any dermatologist keeping your skin hydrated is very beneficial for maintain a good acne free skin as it can balance and rebalance the oil glands of your skin as a result of which acne can be avoided or controlled. While choosing a moisturizer for your face you must prefer to buy a lightweight and oil based product so that your skin pores do not clog due to it.

Choose a sunscreen which avoids pores from clogging

It has been suggested by dermatologists that you must not forget to wear your SPF before going outdoors. In order to avoid acne issues you must choose a sunscreen which is oil free as well as non-comedogenic so that it prevents your pores from clogging and keep your skin clear from acne issues. You must refer options such as Elta MD and Peter Thomas Roth as these have been recommended by experienced dermatologists and they have also been tested on acne affected skin. These options enable you to use a sunscreen without causing your pores to clog hence avoiding acne problems.

Avoid putting on makeup during a workout session

Before starting a workout session or going to the gym do not forget to wash off any makeup from your face so that the risk of acne breakouts can be minimized. During a workout session sweat is released through the visible skin pores. According to research conducted by dermatologist Dr. Janell Vega when we apply makeup on our face it covers up the pores and if sweat is released during that period it’s not allowed to reach the surface of your skin. This can become a reason of clogged pores due the trapped sweat and debris. Then it becomes a perfect environment for bacteria to grow and multiply due to which acne bumps and zits start appearing on your skin. In order to avoid this from happening remove all your makeup without indulging in any such activity.

Wash your face after a workout

After a gym session or any other similar activity which makes you sweat you must immediately use an exfoliating cleanser on your face in order to avoid acne, remove excess oil from your skin and keep your pores clearer. This has been observed by Dr. Zein Obagi who works as a skin specialist at ZO skin health institute. You must also try to keep Neutrogena rapid clear pads in your gym bag so that you can cleanse your skin immediately after a workout session. This will result in removal of any kind of left-over dirt in your skin and also fight acne problems as these pads contain salicylic acid which is an effective anti-acne agent.

If your suffer from acne problems on parts of body other than your face then you must go for a shower after a gym session as its quite effective in avoiding acne issues. Wearing a tight and greasy workout costume offers a great risk of body acne as well as rashes as due to this the bacteria can get trapped inside the hair follicles and result in inflammation problems. The warmer you get during a workout session the more risk it poses for acne issues on your body or face. So in order to minimize this risk factor you must take a shower or change your sweaty clothes after working out.

Consume a healthy diet

It’s a proven fact that there are certain foods which can cause skin issues. Consuming such foods can cause your insulin levels to spike and inflammation your skin resulting in an acne flare. According to studies conducted it has been observed that the only foods which are good for your skin include leafy green vegetables and brightly colored fruits as they are rich in antioxidants and nutrients which result in dampening your skin and enhance the quality of your skin as well.

The people who suffer from acne problems have a high level of oil production and their antioxidant levels of skin are quite low. So if you limit consumption of dairy products which might contain components such as hormones and antibiotics so that your acne breakout can be avoided. Other foods which are known for their skin boosting properties include eggs, nuts, legumes and quinoa.

Drink plenty of water

According to studies conducted by medical specialists it is a commonly known fact that you must drink at least eight glasses of water per day in order to remain healthy and fresh. Similarly for your skin to remain hydrated and acne free you must not forget to drink loads of water so that you can get a clear and acne free skin. If you have trouble doing it you can use any of the available water drinking reminder apps available on Google play store as well as apple store.

Drink a cup of tea daily

Sipping a cup or two of spearmint tea on regular basis can also prove to be quite effective in reducing acne issues of your skin. Dermatologists have found out that tea is quite useful in reduction of acne issues to as much as 25% if two cups are consumed daily.

Change your pillowcases after some time

If you do not wash your sheets or pillow cases on frequent basis then it can lead to cross contamination and it’s also quite unhygienic this can be a reason for your acne problems. So in order to avoid this you must wash your bedding including pillow cases twice every week so that building up of bacteria can be avoided and your skin can be acne free. If this is hard to manage then you must try at least to wash your pillowcases once every week as your head rests on a pillow and your face comes in direct contact with its surface also during sleep time.

Keep your phone screen clean

As your phone is a mandatory part of your everyday routine and you touch it almost all day which makes it quite germy. So in order to stay clear of the germs and bacteria stuck on your phone you must clean your mobile phone screen on daily basis using an alcohol wipe. Also you must prefer using headphones during a call so that your phone doesn’t make direct contact with your face during a call and as a result skin problems can be avoided.

Clean your headphones regularly

Wearing over the ear headphones can also be the reason of your acne breakout sometimes. If you wear your headphones after a workout session or during it or if you wear them for longer intervals of time then as a result sweat and moisture is collected on them and around these devices. As a result of this bacteria growth is encouraged on your headphones and yeast also multiplies which can cause skin problems. So in order this from happening you must not forget to clean your headset devices on regular basis using an antibacterial wipe so that your devices are disinfected and any harmful effects can be prevented.

Keep your hands off your face

Popping a pimple is always an extremely bad idea although everyone wants to do it. Your hands are not clean all the time and most of the time your fingernails contain dirt so squeezing a pimple can lead to more acne. As you touch your pimple or try to squeeze them it results in further infection on other skin areas also. Also popping a pimple can causes pimple marks or scars which remain on your face for a long time.

Use ice on your acne

It has been highly recommended that the only thing you do to your pimples other than washing your face is to apply ice on them. As ice or a cold compress can be very helpful in reduction of skin problems. You must wrap an ice cube in a clean cloth or you can also compress it in a soft tissue and apply it to your pimples for around 20-30 seconds at a time. Repeat this activity few times daily and you will observe that this will result in shrinking down the pimple to a great extent.

Avoid putting toothpaste or alcohol on your acne

You must have heard it several times that if you rub your pimple with toothpaste or alcohol then you can get rid of it instantly but that is not the case. On the other hand applying toothpaste of alcohol can cause irritation on your skin and dry out your skin than normal instead of treating the pimple. You must use salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide on your pimples in order to get better results as they have been specifically made to treat pimples. If you want to get rid of your pimples using natural solutions then you can use tea tree oil or aloe vera few times a day on the affected area using a cotton ball.