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Our Story - A True Startup, Fueled by Passion

In 2012 our founder and dermatologist, Kristin Fields, became tired of prescribing harsh chemical-laden acne products to her patients because she knew that topical remedies worked better and didn't dry out the skin or have side effects...

The only problem was big pharma and dermatologists don't make money from topical remedies -- they make money from selling "drugs"...

So she started to use her knowledge of acne treatments and a passion for natural solutions to create Keeva Organics after 5 years of lab-testing, and working with the best cosmetic chemists around America.

She happily quit her dermatologist job in 2015 to focus on Keeva full time and the rest is history.

Now Keeva is the #1 selling acne cream in America!

As a mom with two kids, it's not easy, but thanks to her passion and hard work and the support of her wonderful husband David, she's helping hundreds of thousands of people per year to get rid of acne and get clear skin and confidence without drying out their skin and without spending a fortune!  

Tea Tree Oil We at Keeva felt there was a void between $100 luxe products used by Hollywood stars and cheap products with harmful ingredients. Hence, we began Keeva, which means precious, gentle, beautiful; and that’s exactly how you feel when using our products, as they are made with love and high quality ingredients that are perfectly designed to clear skin without any side effects. 

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