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Lisa C.
Verified Purchase

I tried every routine, kit, formula, process etc. on the market and have spent literally THOUSANDS trying to cure my acne…then I found Keeva’s 3 in 1 kit and my skin is getting better every day. Thank you Keeva

Nicote T.
Verified Purchase

Keeva’s acne cream and face wash are incredible. They not only kill my acne, but they make my skin feel soft, moisturized, and have a healthy, beautiful glow!

Reinie D.
Verified Purchase

Keeva’s 3 in 1 kit has my skin looking better than it has in probably 5 years. I couldn’t be more grateful for Keeva. Having beautiful skin and being confident in yourself is truly priceless.

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"I would like to send a personal email to explain the gratitude I have for such an exceptional product. I purchased the tea tree oil acne cream from a liquidation store... I was so impressed, I went online to purchase the product again. I have suffered from adult onset acne. I am 36 years old now; I began seeking acne treatment at age 27. I have hyper pigmentation from acne scars which have drastically improved since I started using this product. I have purchased THOUSANDS of dollars on OTC acne and RX medication, as well as make up to cover up blemishes. I have even been depressed about my acne. After two months using Keeva acne treatment, my skin has improved 75% or more. It is rare that I take the time to review and give feedback about products. However, Keeva has made a tremendous change in my skin and self esteem. Again, I am so thankful to have found this product! I will definitely purchase more of this. Please send any promo codes and coupons when available for my future purchases."*

~ Nicole Crowley

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"I purchased my acne solution Keeva Organics cream last month and I absolutely love it! I usually break out with cystic acne around my cheek are and I have not broken out since I started using the cream. I still have redness from acne scars from previous acne when I was younger, but it's definitely helped me from not developing more pimples on my face. I hope to purchase another cream when I am done with this one and hopefully it'll help me with the redness and scars. Thank you!"*

~ Madeline Quiroz

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"This product is amazing.I have used it for a week and it almost killed all of my pimples.I have a hormonal acnes,i tried to use several things before but nothing works until I found it on amazon based on the great reviews it has,I decided to try it.I like the smell and the cold feeling when i just put the cream on my face.It also helps controlling the oil on my face,just only few days but it works so well.All of the pimples are gone,now I just have to deal with the dark spot.This will be my must have item,and my husband also loves it."*

~ Rainie Dinh

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"I seriously love this face cream ,it doesn't leave my skin dry and it actually works.I had a very rough forehead ,and just by using keeva in less than 4 days,it left my forehead ,nose and chin very smooth.My ance prone face has improved...thanks!"*

~ Flucia Garcia

"I am a 41 yr old female who's been battling cystic acne only on my chin for probably 20 years. I've had up to five at a time. Extremely embarrassing and painful, they'd take weeks to heal and leave terrible scars. I've been on antibiotics and have used prescription creams. I also have been seen by a dermatologist and used a special machine called theraclear to try and treat my acne. Not to mention the hundreds or probably thousands of dollars I've spent on everything from face washes, creams, pads, masks..etc. Out if desperation I decided to look online once again for something that might help. I typed in cystic acne treatments. Keeva is the first thing I saw. It was a little pricey for me but I was willing to try since nothing else had worked. And after reading so many wonderful reviews I had to try it. Well, it's been about 2 months and I have NOT HAD ANY CYSTIC ANCE SINCE USING KEEVA!!! I absolutely LOVE this product and the way it makes my skin feel and look. I use it morning and night and am extremely happy to have a clear complexion!!! My scars have just about disappeared. I love love love Keeva tea tree acne treatment!! Its the absolute best acne treatment I have ever used and will continue using!! Thank you!!!!"*

~ Lisa Connelly

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"I want to thank you for your great product! I have had serious cystic acne for years. I just turned 45 this past week (and am sick to death of bad skin like a teenager) and have been using your product for a week. I have the clearest complexion that I can remember in years. I had given up on dermatologists that just want to prescribe antibiotics and want to see me every 2 weeks to use liquid nitrogen on my then current blemishes. I don't believe in medicating with antibiotics constantly. They also wanted to do one of those peels to my face and my skin is sensitive and I was afraid the acne would return anyway. I had some relief in my 20's when I was on the birth control pill, but the one I was on at that time is no longer on the market. I tried Acutane which has serious side effects and I have heard bad things about it lately. I ran across this product when my face got extremely covered in acne in September and I started looking on Amazon for products with 5 stars and good recommendations. I had had a little success with tea tree oil, so I thought this might be a balanced product and not dry my face as straight tea tree oil had. This is a miracle product and I thank you so much!! I had been attendingmy children's football games and my biggest worry was that the rainy weather would wash my cover-up off my acne and everyone would see my big cystic acne patches. They were so painful and large and getting bigger that I was a mess and lacking self esteem. I am a teacher and I am around kids/people constantly and I just wanted to constantly hide my face. Thankfully, the kids in my class didn't comment on my skin. I am rambling, but want to follow up to possibly get promo codes to repurchase your product. I can't be without it because it has changed my life. Thanks from the bottom of my heart!"*

~ Gina Buroker

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"I would like to take a minute and tell you just how AMAZING your KEEVA Acne Treatment is! I am a Fitness Instructor and am the age of 54. For the last 2 years I have struggled and had continual breakouts of Adult Hormonal Acne! I keep a constant area broke out at all times on my chin area. Recently I went to a Dermatologist and she was going to put me on ACUTANE! A product that required monthly testing for Liver damage! So, out of desperation I ask a dear friend what the name of a product she had mentioned that she was using for her acne that she LOVED! It was KEEVA! I ordered it last week, received a few days later. I used it immediately and have used it 3 times this week. Within 24 hours, my Cystic nodules full of extreme inflammation and irritation were without ANY REDNESS! I had kept this infected area since JULY, and it is now NOVEMBER!! I CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH for SUCH A GREAT PRODUCT that is also ORGANIC!! A far cry from any possibility of Liver damage!! I also, have shared this product with all the women in my Fitness Classes and will continue to do so with EVERYBODY!!"*

~ Cheryl Graves

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"I love this product because not only is it natural but it works quite well. I bought it for my occasional breakouts and I've been pleasantly surprised to find smoother and more glowing skin all of the time. It has a natural, fresh scent."*

~ Hannah Valore

Testimonial Pic

"Oh man where do I start with this one……I know, IT’S THE BEST REVITALIZING SHAMPOO OUT THERE!! I absolutely love how thick and creamy smooth this feels. It feels great in my hands and on my scalp. I have never had such great care for my hair! Your AWESOME!!! Thanks for caring to get your product just perfect for us! My bottle was 28.8fl oz. comes with a pump, which I absolutely love! When you open the bottle up and taken in it’s aroma it’s as smooth as it’s looks. The fact that this has Tea Tree oil, Argan Oil and Coconut Oil made from natural earth products is just amazing! The beautiful sheen to it says it all. My hair has been a complete mess due to all the medicine I’ve been having to take due to my bone marrow cancer. It had major split ends and was so dry. Man talk about frizz and a lot of it too!! My hair is not only long but extremely thick. It was a huge pain to brush out without losing a whole brush full of hair! I was starting to give up cause I just didn’t want to brush it out all the time. My arms hurt from my myelofibrosis so having to sit there for that long to brush out my hair was impossible! Lying around all day and night day after day didn’t add to the situation, lol. Now, OMG I wont leave home without! My hair is so silky soft. It’s not that greasy feeling neither. My hands come out clean and not oily. The horrible frizzy mess is absolutely gone. I just love my hair now. Thank you for all the hard work you must have done in order for me to enjoy my hair again! I’ve include a picture of me before with frizzy hair and then one afterwards with nice soft smooth hair."*

~ Wendy Bassett