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Lisa C.
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Keeva’s acne cream and face wash are incredible. They not only kill my acne, but they make my skin feel soft, moisturized, and have a healthy, beautiful glow!

Reinie D.
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Keeva’s 3 in 1 kit has my skin looking better than it has in probably 5 years. I couldn’t be more grateful for Keeva. Having beautiful skin and being confident in yourself is truly priceless.

How To Get Rid Of Red Acne Scars?

How To Get Rid Of Red Acne Scars?

Using Natural Remedies

Several natural remedies are quite helpful in getting rid of acne scars and you must apply any of these depending upon the sensitivity and type of your skin. These remedies include the following:

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  • Apply fresh lemon juice

  • Lemon juice is rich in skin bleaching properties and it can prove to be very effective in lightening the acne scars and making your skin look better. You simply need to combine equal portions of water and lemon juice and then apply this mixture to the acne scars on your skin. You must avoid application of this mixture in areas surrounding the acne. Keep it on your face for around 15 to 25 minutes and then wash your face with water. You can also use it as a mask overnight and wash it off in the morning.

    The citric acid present in the lemon can make your skin extremely dry so in order to avoid this you must moisturize your skin immediately afterwards. You can also use lime juice instead of lemon for treating your acne scars. The pH value of lemon juice is equal to 2 and the normal range of 4.0 to 7.0 and you must use it very carefully specially for sensitive skin types. If you leave it applied on your skin for a long period of time it can lead to chemical burns on your skin. You must also wear a sunscreen to avoid your skin from any possible damage. Wash off this mixture before going outside your house.

  • Exfoliate your skin with baking soda

  • Baking soda is also a very effective ingredient in exfoliating the skin and getting rid of acne scars to a great extent. In order to apply it you will need to mix two teaspoons of water into one teaspoon of baking soda and mix it to form a paste. Then apply this paste all over your face and gently massage in onto the skin in circular motions and concentrate specifically on areas where acne scars are present. Perform this for almost 2 minutes and rinse the mixture off using warm water and pat your skin dry. You can also apply the baking soda paste on affected areas only rather than the whole face and let it sit for 10 or 15 minutes before washing it off your skin.

    • Use honey

    Honey contains components which are rich in antibacterial properties and are excellent for treating skin inflammation, clearing up the acne and preventing red acne marks. In order to get maximum benefits it is advised to use raw or manuka honey on your skin. You can use it by dabbing it directly on your acne scars using a Q-tip. Honey is also highly recommended for people who have sensitive skin type as it does not cause irritation and it will also result in moisturizing your skin and it will not dry it out. You can also mix a pinch of pearl powder into honey and apply the mixture on your acne affected areas and scars in order to make it extra effective.

  • Use aloe vera

  • The aloe vera plant is extremely effective in treating a variety of ailments as well as acne problems, burns, wounds and acne scars, etc. The sap of the aloe vera leaves has amazing effects on your skin and it can help in moisturizing as well as rejuvenate your skin in addition to contributing in fading of the acne scars. You can purchase products containing aloe vera gel from any medical store but it’s best to use fresh aloe vera from your garden for your skin. You can apply the aloe vera gel directly on your acne scars and you don’t even need to wash it off. If your acne scars are too bad then you can mix up aloe vera gel and tea tree oil and apply the mixture on your acne scars to get rid of them.

  • Use an ice cube

  • The simplest home remedy for your acne prone skin and scars is an ice cube which is quite effective in soothing the inflammation of the skin in addition to reaction of redness. You can use it by simply wrapping the ice cube inside a clean piece of cloth or a towel and then hold it against the areas of your skin which contain acne scars for a minute or two until you feel numbness in that area. Sometimes you can also feel burning sensation. You can also use it by boiling some green tea instead of water to remove your acne scars more effectively as it contains inflammatory properties good for your skin.

  • Apply paste of sandalwood

  • Sandalwood is also famous for its skin healing properties and you can prepare it easily at home as well. In order to do so you will need to mix a teaspoon of sandalwood powder into few drops of milk or rose water so that it forms a paste. Then apply this paste on you acne affected areas and leave it to dry for 30 minutes. Rinse off the paste afterwards and pat dry. You will need to repeat this process regularly in order to get rid of acne scars completely. You can also mix this sandalwood powder with honey for effective treatment of acne spots and scars.

  • Apply apple cider vinegar

  • Apple cider vinegar is also known for managing the PH value of your skin and improve its appearance. You can apply in by diluting it in water and then apply it to the acne scars using a cotton ball on regular basis until the scars start fading.

    Skin Care Tips

    Other skin care tips which can prove to be quite helpful in getting rid of the acne marks and scars and make your skin look better are listed below:

    • Always use a sunscreen while going outside.
    • Always choose skin products which are gentle on your skin.
    • Exfoliate your ski on regular basis.
    • Avoid picking at your spots, pimples or acne scars.
    • Take a balanced and healthy diet.
    • Drink loads of water.
    • Wash your pillowcases and bedding on regular basis.
    • Avoid applying makeup during gym or other physical activities.