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How To Treat Back Acne?

How To Treat Back Acne?

Acne usually occur in that part of skin where number of oil glands are relatively more that include face, back and upper part of chest. Usually it is a challenge to treat acne no matter where it is. Acne can occur at any age but it is more common in teenage. When hair follicles or pores clogged with dead skin then pimples or acne occurs. So acne can occur at any part of the body except palms of hand and feet. Back acne and facial acne usually have same symptoms and causes. But the skin on our back has larger pores than facial pores so their treatment is slightly different from the facial acne.

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There are many reasons of getting back acne. One of the main causes of acne is hormonal changes. Especially during teenage acne can occur due to hormonal changes in body during this age. For women during menstruation and pregnancy period their skin is most vulnerable to acne problem.

Some people get acne problem from their genetics. So acne problem can transfer from generation to generation. Another main cause of acne is side effect from some medications. Similarly stress can contribute to the acne problem. Sweat is also a main cause of acne problem especially when we are wearing tight clothes. Some food items like white bread, potato chips and dairy products can also trigger to the acne problem.

Back acne can take many forms. Different types of back acne include white heads, black heads, papules, pustules, nodules and cysts. White heads are white bumps develops when follicle stay close and underneath our skin. Similarly in black heads black tip appear on the top of pimple. Papules are pink bumps that appear on our skin. Pustules are same as papules but they are filled with white or yellow pus. When acne develops deep below the skin and harden then large painful nodule occurs. The larger pus filled acne that is very painful and can form scar on the skin is referred as cysts.

We can get rid of back acne by making some changes in our daily lifestyle. Some of the remedies of back acne are as follow.

  • Shower regularly:

  • We must take shower regularly. Especially after work out taking shower is necessary as sweat and dirt can contribute to back acne. By adding epsoms salt we can relax our muscles and soothe inflamed skin. It could also dry out oily patches on the skin.  We must also washcloths when they are sweaty. We must not allow shampoo or conditioner to run down on our back because they can have ingredients that can contribute to acne problem.

  • Keep hair tight:

  • We must put hair in bun or ponytail during sweat session. If long hairs touch our back skin it could add oil and dirt to the skin. This phenomenon can cause back acne. We must use body wash or exfoliate after washing hair so that no thick product remains on our skin.

  • Wear loose clothes:

  • The tight clothes can trap dirt and sweat to rub with your skin pores and can cause back acne. Especially we must avoid tight fitting synthetic material products.  So we must wear loose fitting clothes that allow our skin to breathe. Especially during workout tight clothes make our skin more vulnerable to the acne problem. Cloths made up of cotton material are good for skin if we have acne problem.

  • Exfoliate:

  • We can use exfoliating scrubs with ingredients like salicylic acid to remove extra dirt and oil from the skin. This could reduce the dead skin that can clog pores. By using this scrub two to three times in a week could clear our dead pores.  By applying retinol cream on our back at night we can get rid of back acne.

  • Tea tree oil:

  • Tea tree oil contains antibacterial properties which help our skin to fight against bacteria. Apply tea tree oil with a cotton swab. It will penetrate clogged pores and dry up oil spots on the skin. Nowadays we can find many products like lotions, creams and cleansers that have tea tree oil as an ingredient.  

  • Healthy diet:

  • Different studies suggest that food that can raise our blood sugar quickly can also worsen our acne problem. Food items like white bread, white potatoes, white pasta and rice can contribute to the acne problem. We must take vegetables, fruits, proteins and whole grains in our diet to avoid or get rid of acne problem.

  • Quality sunscreen:

  • It is very important to apply sunscreen before exposing our skin to the sunlight directly. Cheap sunscreens have greasy material which can clog the skin pores and contribute to acne problem. We must choose high quality sunscreen which is oil free and light.

  • Change bed sheet regularly:

  • The dead skin and oil rubs with bed sheets and built bacteria on it. We must wash our bed sheets weakly to avoid back acne. Similarly we must wash our cloth regularly that comes directly in contact with our skin like towels, bra and pajamas. Different scented products can also contribute to back acne. We must not use fabric softener that can cause back acne breakouts. We must bleach our clothes because it kills any bacteria on our cloths.

  • Apple cider vinegar:

  • By adding one part of apple cider vinegar with two parts of water and applying it on acne we can minimize or get rid of it. We can apply this liquid with cotton swab or by spraying it with spray bottle. Apple cider vinegar can regulate our skin’s PH and dry out oily spots from the skin. we can also add apple cider vinegar in our diet. By adding one to two spoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and drinking it daily we can avoid back acne.

  • Consult dermatologist:

  • If we can’t get rid of back acne by making little changes in our life style then we must consult dermatologist. We can take acne pills or topical creams prescribed by doctor to get rid of back acne.