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Lisa C.
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I tried every routine, kit, formula, process etc. on the market and have spent literally THOUSANDS trying to cure my acne…then I found Keeva’s 3 in 1 kit and my skin is getting better every day. Thank you Keeva

Nicote T.
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Keeva’s acne cream and face wash are incredible. They not only kill my acne, but they make my skin feel soft, moisturized, and have a healthy, beautiful glow!

Reinie D.
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Keeva’s 3 in 1 kit has my skin looking better than it has in probably 5 years. I couldn’t be more grateful for Keeva. Having beautiful skin and being confident in yourself is truly priceless.

Conditioner: Ingredients & Benefits

Ingredients Benefits
Water Essential to all living things.
Cetearyl Alcohol Cetearyl alcohol is an emulsifier. In creams and lotions, it supports the main emulsion system and gives texture to the product. In conditioners, it creates a thickening effect. We use it about 1%.
Glycerin For natural hair, it is known to prevent hair from breaking during combing.
Fragrance For fragrance purposes.
Tea Tree Oil Helps maintain a healthy-looking skin and reduces the appearance of blemishes
Stearamidopropyl As it is a surfactant, it can to some extent help blend the oil and water components of conditioner.
Dimethylamine Dimethylamine is a fatty mine salt, used as a hair care ingredient used as a conditioning and anti-static agent in shampoos and conditioners, and is also sometimes used for its luminescent, pearl-like properties.
Essence This is used primarily for fragrance purposes.
Dicetyldimonium Chloride This is used as an antistatic agent, hair conditioning agent, surfactant, and its emulsifying properties.
Panthenol Hair care products that use this ingredient are said to have enhanced moisturization effects and add thickness or body to the hair.
Argania Spinosa This is a valuable oil which contains exceptionally high levels of vitamin E and rich natural moisturisers.
D-Menthol Helps maintain a healthy-looking skin and reduces the appearance of blemishes
Hydrolyzed Keratin When applied to the hair, keratin's properties are absorbed, thus improving the hair's texture, shine, elasticity, and strength.
Cyclopentasiloxane Its ability to impart a wet and silky look makes it an ideal candidate in hair products, both rinse-off and leave-on ones. It’s particularly useful in hair conditioners because it provides a silky feel without weighing the hair down with greasy residue. Because of its water-thin consistency.
Dimethicone Dimethicone forms a film on the hair which smoothes down the cuticle. It forms a film on the hair which smoothes down the cuticle. It lubricates the hair and is thought to contribute to easier wet combing (i.e less friction). In hair serum, for thermal processing, dimethicone is a heat protectant
Phenoxyethanol Phenoxyethanol is a preservative used in cosmetics and personal care products.
Citric Acid Citric Acid isn't used because of the smell. Fragrances are added for that purpose. It has a two-fold reason for addition. Shampoos usually are at pH 5.5 because at slightly acidic pH the scales on a hair follicle lay flat making the hair feel smooth and look shiny. Citric acid is used to adjust the pH down to 5.5 (ish). It is a fairly weak acid which makes the adjustment easier. it also has a small amount of preservative action. Citric acid as opposed to any other acid will prevent bacterial growth.
Avocado Oil Avocado oil is an edible oil pressed from the fruit of the Persea americana (avocado). As a food oil, it is used as an ingredient in other dishes, and as a cooking oil. It is also used for lubrication and in cosmetics, where it is valued for its supposed regenerative and moisturizing properties.[1]
Coconut Oil Coconut oil has a high moisture retaining capacity, since it is not easily broken down nor evaporated, being very stable. It does not let moisture escape, thus keeping hair moist and soft, which prevents breakage of hair.
Argan Oil In cosmetics, Argan oil is advocated as moisturizing oil, against acne vulgaris and flaking of the skin, as well as for 'nourishing' the hair. This oil has also medicinal uses against rheumatism and the healing of burns. Externally, Argan oil is used for hair as brilliantine, to fortify and in the treatment of wrinkled or scaly dry skin