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Lisa C.
Verified Purchase

I tried every routine, kit, formula, process etc. on the market and have spent literally THOUSANDS trying to cure my acne…then I found Keeva’s 3 in 1 kit and my skin is getting better every day. Thank you Keeva

Nicote T.
Verified Purchase

Keeva’s acne cream and face wash are incredible. They not only kill my acne, but they make my skin feel soft, moisturized, and have a healthy, beautiful glow!

Reinie D.
Verified Purchase

Keeva’s 3 in 1 kit has my skin looking better than it has in probably 5 years. I couldn’t be more grateful for Keeva. Having beautiful skin and being confident in yourself is truly priceless.

Are You Thinking Organic?

Are You Thinking Organic?

You are beautiful. You are the collection of millions of moments and memories – and your face tells the story of all of them. So, how do you care for it?

It’s become the norm for people, women especially, to have daily interactions with chemicals. Think about it! From the mascara that highlights your eyes, to the lip balm that accentuates your natural color, we have become used to our chemical baths, many of us even rely on them as part of our daily hygiene routine. But when it comes to really caring for your skin, not just at the superficial level, what steps are you taking to cleanse and revitalize?

One of our missions at Keeva Organics (because yes, we have many) is to bring women back to their natural state of beauty. That means undoing some of the damage that harsh chemicals and consistently clogged pores have done to the skin cells of your face.

But what exactly do we mean when we say “natural”? Well to give you a little backstory, when we designed the Keeva Tea Pure Tree Oil Acne Serum, we had one thing in mind – simplicity. We wanted unprocessed, unrefined, pure ingredients. It seemed obvious that if the root cause of these facial disruptions was a chemical imbalance, that the remedy should be something organic and of the earth. And so we built off this foundation, gathering plant based ingredients like tea tree oil and honeysuckle, and leveraged their individual healing qualities.

Healing…what a concept. What if instead of trying to create new pathways to a more beautiful, healthier you, the focus was on eliminating all of the barriers that prevented your natural glow from shining through? At Keeva, we want you to remember that you are beautiful, strong, and independent, and that your face is the story that tells that to the world. So do it naturally!