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How To Avoid/Prevent Oily Skin

November 21, 2016

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Oily skin can be the bane of many people's’ sense of self esteem. Oily skin can be irritating, uncomfortable, and lead to plenty of other skin issues as a result. But it isn’t something you just have to tolerate, even if your oily skin is the result of genetic conditions. It’s treatable, preventable, and not something you have to live with your entire life. There’s plenty of remedies, from products to use and habits to keep when it comes to keeping your skin clean.



For this, the best choice is to drink as much water as you can during your day. And we’re talking real, clean water, not juice or soda. This can prevent wrinkles and help prevent dryness of the skin. Dehydration catalyzes changes in your oil glands and triggers them to overproduce. Drinking water and keeping your hydration levels stable will prevent this change. You can double on this by adding fruits like lemon or blueberries to your water to provide additional nutrients.


Change Your Face Washing Routine


You want to be gentle when washing your face. You can do this a few ways. One way is to not scrub too hard while washing. Another is to employ the use of a soft, gentle scrub that isn’t irritating to the skin. You also want to cut down how much you wash your face as over washing can trigger the skin to make additional oils. But keep your washing schedule at twice a day, one in the morning and once at night to keep the pores clear without overworking the skin.


You’ll also want to apply toner to places of high oil content on your skin. With this you need to be careful since applying toner to the whole face will result in over drying the skin and creating flaky patches. You want to only target the problem, oily areas of your skin. Another option is to utilize a clay mask. You’ll want to do this sparingly, but clay masks will dry out the skin and help absorb oil if you need a quick fix. But you don’t want to over due it as it could over dry your skin, much like the toner.


Lifestyle Changes


These are going to be what really does the trick long term to make sure your oil skin is kept at bay. Start by eating antioxidant rich food like blueberries, plant protein, and brightly colored vegetables. Take in some omega 3 fatty acids like those found naturally in seafood. Eat natural and organic as much as possible to avoid unneeded chemicals and try to work small amounts of chocolate into your diet to help your skin.


Exercise is also a part of this. You’ll want to stay active as much as possible (or as much as your schedule allows). Cardio exercise reduces stress, releases endorphins, and helps to keep your body, and your metabolism, churning and avoiding lethargy that could result in overproduction of oils.


Oiling skin doesn’t have to be your reality and there’s plenty of ways to deal with it naturally without using harmful chemicals or making the situation worse. Look at all your lifestyle choices to help keep that oily skin at bay and your face shining and naturally happy.

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