A lot of things go into an outbreak of acne, but the treatment for them doesn’t need to be complicated, expensive, or do more damage to your skin. You don’t need expensive cleansers or treatments. There’s a lot you can do with natural solutions and items you may have at home already. If you want an alternative to expensive and possibly harmful acne treatments, here’s a list of some of the best ones that won’t cost very much, are easy to get, and won’t damage yours kin in the cleaning process

Honey Face Washes

There’s plenty of ingredients out there for what could go into a honey face wash, but the important thing here is honey is a superfood packed with all sorts of goodies. Mixing honey with natural apple cider vinegar creates an amazing probiotic treatment to combat bacteria in your pores.

Natural Exfoliants

Exfoliation helps clean your skin of dead cells which can bunch together in pores and causes the blockages that lead to acne outbreaks. Exfoliation should be a gentle process and you only want to use items that will help your skin, not harm it. Sea salt and oatmeal are common exfoliation ingredients and good for our skin while cleaning it out. Brown sugar and coconut oil has also been used in exfoliation treatments as well.


One big way to combat acne, no matter what you use to wash or exfoliate, is toning. Toning is the process of controlling the pH in your skin and “calming” it so a breakout isn’t induced. A natural solution to some expensive toners is apple cider vinegar, particularly those brands that advertise the “mother” culture. This will reduce bacteria and balance the pH in your skin.

Skin care, especially for your face is essentially and can be incredibly tricky. You want to control the bacteria on your skin with natural solutions and try not to irritate it further with the cleansers you use to wash. Using any combination of the above options will protect your face from acne and other irritation.

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