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How To Cover Up Acne?

How To Cover Up Acne?

Most of the adult and teens suffers from acne problem. You may want to hide and disappear during your acne breakouts because everyone will stare your face and it feels really uncomfortable and embarrassing.

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Following are some tips and ways to cover up your acne if you want to hide your acne for some special event. These tips will help you to make acne and acne scars disappear immediately for some time.

The best way to hide your pimples is through makeup. Makeup can be used to hide almost every type of pimple and scar. There are different techniques available to hide pimple and acne scarring depending on the type of acne you have. Following are some easy step to hide your acne for good.

Things to Consider

Before getting into the technique of applying makeup it is very important to consider these important things:

Finding the Right Makeup

If you have an acne prone skin then it is very important to wisely choose your makeup product. Choosing noncomedogenic or nonacnegenic makeup products are a good option. These are the product that won’t clog your pores. You should choose mineral-based cosmetics, that will help your skin to absorb extra oil and reduce inflammation and it will be likely less irritate your acne.

Choosing suitable Primer

Choose an oil-free primer because it will help to keep your makeup in place. If you have acne then keeping primer in place could be difficult that’s it should be choose carefully. Lightweight primers are easy to apply and they are good for acne skin and they are also good for oily skin.

A primer with SPF is better because it will also save your skin from the sun rays, because if you have acne then sun rays can affect your skin and healing process.

Powder foundation                                                   

Choose a mineral-powder foundation because it will not clog your pores like oily foundation. Try to use mattifying products that will not only help in hiding the acne bumps but also good for the excess oil absorption. You should avoid the cosmetics that claim to last longer because they are more likely to log your pores. If pores get clogged then there is a risk of more acne.

Find or make a concealer that matches your skin tone

It is very important to choose the right concealer for your skin because if you choose a concealer that is too light from your skin tone or too dark then it will not hide the imperfections of your skin rather it will make it more problematic. If it is hard to choose the correct shade according to your skin then you can use two shades and mix them to get the desired shade.

Use of setting powder

Be careful with the use of setting powder. It is good for oily skin but can cause the dryness on the other skin types.

How to cover acne and scars using makeup

Acne and acne scars can be covered by using makeup, but you have to do it in a right way. Following are the detailed steps to cover the acne blemishes and acne scars with makeup for good.

Clean and moisturized:

First step is to properly clean your skin and then applying good moisturizer. You can try a fragrance-free and water-based moisturizer Moisturizing is very important even oily skin need to be moisturized too. Apply a sunblock too or you can try a moisturizer that has sun protection too.

Brush or sponge:

It is better to use brushes or sponge to apply your makeup because if you use your hands then it can leads to more acne because there could be bacteria on your hands. But brushes can have bacteria too on them so they should be properly cleaned and washed after every one or two weeks.

Apply primer:

After applying the moisturizer wait for some time so that the moisturizer absorbs into the skin properly. After that apply primer using your hands or you can also use makeup brush. Primer can apply on the whole face or on the acne spots only to cover up acne and scars.  

Apply concealer:

Wait for some time to set the primer on the skin, than apply concealer in the shape of an X pattern on your acne spot. Set it carefully on your skin. Don’t try to roughly rub it rather be gentle. A green coloured concealer can be used to hide pigmentation but make sure to use it before applying the foundation on skin. Be sure that you cover all the blemishes and acne bumps carefully, blend it by patting carefully.

Cover up under-eye area:

Let your make absorb into the skin and apply concealer to hide and remove the dark spots and dark circles under the eye area.

Apply foundation:

After applying the concealer wait to let it set. Then apply a small quantity of foundation on your face. Apply more layers if necessary until you get the desired result. If there are still some visible spots on your skin then wait for some time and let your foundation set and then apply more concealer on your skin to hide those spots too. If you want to apply setting powder you can apply it in circles. After setting your foundation properly you can move forward to your other makeup.

Apply foundation:

After applying the concealer wait to let it set. Lightly press your skin with a tissue paper to absorb the extra oil and makeup and to give your skin a more natural look. Then apply a small quantity of foundation on your face.

Apply more layers if necessary until you get the desired result. If there are still some visible spots on your skin then wait for some time and let your foundation set and then apply more concealer on your skin to hide those spots too. If you want to apply setting powder you can apply it in circles. After setting your foundation properly you can move forward to your other makeup.

If you don’t want to wipe off your concealer and make-up while applying the liquid foundation then it is better to apply it with a proper stipple brush and in round motions rather than using fingertips.

Set your makeup:

Wait for some time and let the make-up set on your face. After that apply loose powder to ensure that make up will be set for all the day. Use a large soft brush to apply the powder in flecking motion.

Finishing spray:

Use a finishing spray to make your makeup last longer and avoid the too heavy look on your face. That’s all for it now you can apply other makeup Use bright and bold lip and eye makeup to distract from your acne bumps that still remain visible.

Treat every type of Acne

Pimple can be of various type and different methods can be used to hide and cover different type of pimples.  Following are some tips and makeup hacks to cover up almost each type of acne.

A whitehead

First of all make sure to clean your face properly and then dry it. It is better to use a dry concealer because watery and slippery concealers are hard to set on the face. After finding the spackle apply the concealer very carefully on the white head and the surrounded blemishes on the skin on the target area. Don’t apply it on the other skin because it will create the ‘look at my acne’ look.

After the applying of concealer simply pat the spot with your finger. Then you can apply powder foundation with a soft brush to let the concealer set on your skin. Use of Translucent powder is not recommended as it will make whitehead more visible. Make sure you use a foundation that matches with your skin tone.

Cystic Acne

As we know that cystic acne is very hard to hide due to its size, redness and blemishes. So to treat this stubborn cystic acne you should first compress them. Ice or warm can be used depending on what works for you and what suits on your skin. It works differently on different skin. Ice massage can reduce the redness and let the acne calm down. In case of warmness, warm water can be used to kill the bacteria but the point to consider is water should be not too hot it should be just warm.

After that, apply a lightweight foundation and concealer instead of a heavy foundation. You should not try to hide your cystic acne completely because it is not going to disappear completely anyway. Do a bold eye make-up it will make your acne less noticeable.

Oily skin and acne

If you have oily skin then you have to be careful while choosing makeup. You should choose oil-free moisturizer, foundation, and concealer. The important point is even if you have a very oily skin you still have to apply moisturizer to your face before applying the make-up on it.

A tissue paper can be used to press against the pimple to absorb the extra oil on it. But be very careful because if you disturb the zit it could be worse. Also take care of cleanliness, clean your makeup brushes properly otherwise bacteria will affect your skin and resultantly you will get more pimples.


There could be many blackheads on your face especially on nose area. To cover these blackheads first apply liquid foundation on them. Wait for some time and let it set. After that apply concealer on the area you want to cover. Tap on it with your fingers and set it properly. After that power foundation can be applied. Check the area if it is still not covered up properly more concealer can be applied to cover the area.

It takes patience to cover the acne and spots with makeup. It can’t be done in a go you have to be patients and may be needed to apply multiple layers.

Dried out and flaky

Due to the use acne medicine for spot treatment, skin got very dry and flaky and it get even harder to treat. First of all skin should be moisturized. A good moisturizer can be used for this purpose. After that clean the skin properly and try to gently clean the dried area too and remove the dried skin very gently, a warm wet and clean towel can be used for this purpose but you must be really careful while doing it otherwise you can disturb the zit and make it more problematic.

Then hydrate your skin again using a good oil free moisturizer. After that you can apply the concealer and foundation and other make-up.

Redness and blemishes

Blemishes can be covered by using coloured concealer. For example you can use a green concealer or green primer to cover the redness of spot. After that a yellow concealer can be applied to cover the blemishes properly. But it should be applied with perfection or the face will look cakey and too heavy.

Reddish marks from acne

Even when the acne is gone, it leaves a spot and pigmentation left behind. It is not so difficult to cover it a powder foundation that gives a nice full coverage will do the purpose. You can also use some dermatologic products to heal the pigmentation fast.

Little wounds by acne

If you have accidently picked or disturbed your acne, then you are in a trouble because your acne will turn into a wound in that way. It is very hard to treat it because it is sensitive, uneven and shady.

To treat it first clean it gently and then apply a good antibiotic gel because otherwise there could be chances of infection. It is better to consult your dermatologist and asked him to prescribe you one. Then you can cover it with concealers. First apply a white coloured concealer on the spotted area and after that apply a concealer of your skin tone.

All these could be temporarily cover you acne and acne spots, but it is better to take care of your lifestyle, choose a healthy lifestyle, diet and routine or visit a dermatologist if needed to treat your acne for good.