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What Foods Cause Acne?

It’s everyone’s nightmare to have a face filled up with pimples before going to an event with friends and family. Depending upon the sensitivity of your skin and your skin type there can be a number of causes of acne and you must take care of skin according to its needs. Acne breakouts can also be caused due to the diet we intake and it varies from person to person depending upon our body chemistry. Each person responds to food in different manner, some foods might cause acne breakouts in some people while do not have any effect on others. In order to determine which foods are harmful for our skin then you should try skipping certain foods for a week and then observe whether your acne has got better or not.

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Refined Grains and Sugar

People who suffer from various skin issues commonly acne consume foods which are abundant in carbohydrates as compared to people with no acne. The foods which are rich in carbohydrates include:

  • Bread, crackers, cereals and white flour.
  • Pasta
  • White rice and rice noodles
  • Sugar sweetened beverages and sodas
  • Honey, agave, cane sugar and maple syrup

People who eat foods which are rich in sugar are 30% more prone to acne problems as compared to others. This is due to the increase in blood sugar level when such foods are consumed. These elevated levels result in shuttling the blood sugars out of the bloodstream and into the cells causing acne breakouts.

Dairy Products

According to various studies it has been observed that acne breakouts is linked to milk products in teenagers and well as people of all age groups. People who eat ice-cream and drink milk on regular basis are four times more likely to suffer from acne breakouts as compared to others. The milk of a cow has amino acid which is responsible for stimulating the live in production of IGF-1 which is directly linked to acne development. Milk also contains sugar which result in increasing insulin levels in your body and result in making acne more severe.

Fast Food

Acne is directly related to western foods which are abundant in calories, fats and refined carbs. These fast food items include burgers, nuggets, hot dogs, French fries, sodas and milkshakes. A recent study found out that people who eat fast food have a 43% more probability of suffering from acne as compared to people who eat healthy foods. If fast food is consumed on daily basis this risk is increased by 17 %.Easting such type of foods can affect the gene expression and alter the hormonal levels of the body which can cause acne problems.

Foods rich in Omega-6 fats

Diets which are rich in omega-6 fatty acids are responsible for causing inflammation as well as acne. These diets contains huge amounts of corns and soy oils which are abundant in omega- fats and these foods contain a small portion of foods which are rich in omega-3 fats. This causes an imbalance between these diet components and pushes your body into an inflammatory state which can result in worsening your acne problems. In order to reduce these harmful effects to your skin you must intake supplements which contain omega-3 fatty acids so that the inflammation can be overcome and the severity of acne can be reduced.


Consumption of odds which are high in sugar as well as specific fatty acids cause acne breakouts due to the increased sebum production on our bodies. Chocolate also belongs to that category of food which is high in sugar. Although the direct impact of chocolate on skin hasn’t been proven by the ingredients of chocolate are such that which can cause acne problems and cause skin inflammation. People who eat foods which are sugary like chocolates are more prone to acne problems as compared to people to eat fresh foods like fruits and vegetables and maintain a balanced diet.

Spicy Foods

According to a study which was published in Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal, acne breakouts are linked to spices and eating spicy foods can also worsen your acne problems. In order to avoid acne breakouts you must avoid eating too many spices and maintain a moderate spice level in your food in order to have a clearer skin.


According to research it has also been found out that cheese and acne breakouts are also somehow linked to each other. Eating some foods can trigger human bodies to produce a burst of certain hormones as a result of which your body is able to absorb sugar. If you are consuming foods throughout the day which are high in sugar then the hormone levels in your blood stream will also elevate. Such foods also include cheese and other dairy products and these must be avoided in order to have a clearer skin.


Nuts are foods which are high in glycemic components and these components are known to cause acne breakouts in people. In order to avoid such skin problems you must not consume nuts in larger quantities and you should not eat them too frequently. Nuts are healthy foods so you must try consuming them in small portions in order to avoid acne breakouts due to these. Diet which is low in glycemic components and high in lean proteins such as fresh vegetables and fruits can promote a clear and healthy skin.

Foods you are sensitive to

Everyone has a different type of body chemistry of the response to your bodies to certain foods also varies from one person to another. In order to minimize the effects of diet on your skin and prevention of acne breakouts you must be well-aware about which foods are such that your body does not responds well to.

Food to eat for a healthy and clear skin

The foods which have a positive impact on your skin and helps in reducing acne include the following:

  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Probiotics
  • Green Tea
  • Turmeric
  • Vitamins A, D, E
  • Zinc
  • Paleolithic-style diets
  • Mediterranean-style diets